baby yawn
girl kissing baby brother
mother and newborn
newborn baby
newborn baby feet
twin mum
mum with newborn
baby feet
baby in cot
tiny fingers
mum in nursery with baby
mum with baby on shoulder
newborn family picture
mum holding baby
parents with baby
baby in nest
changing baby
brother changing baby's nappy
baby on change mat
baby with parents' hands
brother reading to baby
mum putting baby in cot
brother with baby
baby boy
brother hushing baby
baby on lap
mother and baby on bed
boys with mum on bed
mum in garden with baby
baby asleep
family with newborn
dad and baby
mum and baby asleep
baby toes
brothers asleep
brother kissing baby
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Newborn photography

Lifestyle newborn photography is something that I absolutely love. In the comfort of your own home you and your baby can be relaxed in a familiar environment and I can record moments that you want to capture in time. From snuggles on the couch to a sibling helping to change a nappy, to a first bath. Sessions are unstructured and relaxed so we just go with the flow of the baby. As well as documenting the baby's new arrival, you are documenting life in your family home.

Lifestyle photography focuses on a baby in its natural setting, rather than a studio newborn session where the baby is posed into certain positions to achieve photos with a certain look and may include props and costumes. There is also a very small window of time to get studio shots done where the baby is in the sleepy newborn stage so it can be easily posed. In lifestyle newborn photography, the emphasis is about relationships between the parents, the baby and other siblings. Every session is different. Your newborn photos won't look like the same as anyone else's, and it doesn't matter if the baby is slightly older than newborn, awake, asleep, needing a feed or a nappy change.

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