Studio or lifestyle newborn photography?

If you are lucky enough to have a newborn baby or are eagerly waiting their arrival, you might be thinking about planning a photo shoot to document the precious time when they are teeny-tiny. Finding a photographer is a really personal choice: When I chose my wedding photographer I spent days trawling the internet trying to find just the right one that I could put my faith in to capture those special moments. Whether you want your baby (or babies in my case!) photographed in a studio environment or in your own home is dependent on what kind of photos you like.

In a studio photoshoot the babies are usually put into posed positions, sometimes in costumes, or in wraps and may use props. A studio backdrop and artificial lighting are also usually used. If you want a relaxed photoshoot in your own home, then a newborn lifestyle photoshoot could be what you are after. Click here to see my portfolio.

Baby held by mother

When should I book newborn photos for?

With studio newborn shoots, most photographers suggest a photoshoot between 7-14 days of the baby arriving. This is because the babies are still in the very sleepy stage and can be easily posed. With an in-home session the age of the baby isn't as crucial. Of course it is good to photograph them when they are small as they change quickly, but if the baby is a bit older it doesn't matter. In-home sessions usually include a mixture of lifestyle and documentary photos. I love being able to capture moments that you wouldn't get with a studio session, such as changing the baby in the nursery, or having the mother feed their baby.

For a studio shoot, you need to take into account getting yourself and your baby and possibly partner and other children out the door to the studio. For an in-home session, you don't have the hurdle to overcome. I know when I was a new mum I found getting out the door in the morning to be really hard! With lifestyle shoots, there is no set programme to be adhered to. If the baby needs feeding, or changing, that can all be part of the shoot, and you will have everything to hand if you or the baby suddenly need a new outfit.

I would suggest booking a session after your 20 week scan. We all know babies don't always arrive on time though, so there is usually some flexibility in the shoot date. I would normally plan a session at least a week after the expected due date to give both mum and baby a chance to catch up on some sleep and to recover.

Newborn in home photoshoot

How to prepare your home for an in-home newborn shoot.

If you are considering an in-home newborn photoshoot or have already decided on one, you may be wondering how to best prepare your home. The most important thing is that it is YOUR home. Whereas studio shoots can use the same set-up for babies over and over again and can end up looking all a bit the same, an in-home shoot will be unique to you and your family.

You don't have to worry whether your home looks like a showroom or not. The most important thing for a photographer is light. If you can have a chair by a window and can snuggle your baby there, that is great. If you have a lounge or a bed where you can take a family portrait, that is also great. Neutral bedding usually looks the best so we can focus on the people in the photo. We can use things from around your home, such a knitted blanket or scarves to put the baby in a nest. If you have a garden, we can also do outdoor photos. We just have to make sure the baby stays nice and warm. Little details are also important to capture such a little tiny baby fingers and toes.

If you have any other children, you will probably want to include them in the photos. There is nothing cuter than a sibling's love for their baby brother or sister. In the home this can also be easier to manage as they are in their own environment and they have all their toys (and most importantly snacks) to keep them amused while the other photos are taken.

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Ready to organise some precious newborn photos?

If you would like to book a session or want some more information, please get in touch. Here you can find information on my newborn packages. I can help you with any questions you may have and talk you through the process. Being a mum and becoming a mum is an exciting time. I hope to be able to capture it for you and your family.

Anita x

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