one year old
cake smash girl
girl with balloon
Opera singer headshot
singer headshot
opera singer headshot
Opera singer headshot
Opera singer headshot
Choreographer headshot
Choreographer headshot
Corporate Headshot
Actor headshot
Actor headshot
girl in hat
Branding Headshot
Brand headshot makeup artist
Cake smash boy eating cake
First birthday boy
cake smash boy sitting in cake
Cake smash first birthday girl
Playing with cake
Cake smash first birthday
Cake smash first birthday girl
First birthday photo studio
Man with dog
Studio girl shot
Studio girl portrait
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Headshots and Studio Photography

I love taking headshots for people and bringing out the best in them. As a performer myself, I especially love working with singers, actors and musicians and understand the different requirements of headshots for actors, headshots for musicians and other photos used for publicity.

I offer

  • studio headshots
  • outdoor / location headshots
  • publicity photographs for websites and promotional material
  • Corporate headshots
  • personal branding headshots

Studio photographs can include Milestone Photoshoots including cake smash photography (usually for a first birthday), portrait sittings, maybe even a photo of your child in their school uniform if their school picture was a disaster!